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Creating Your Unique Office Space

July 14, 2017/0/0

If you want to create a well-functioning business, it’s important to design an office that is right for you! To help you make the right choices, we are going to talk you through some workspace design tips that will really revamp the space where you work!

Designing around a theme

One of the most important things that you should consider when designing your office is what your core values stand for and this should be emphasised when designing where to put everything in your new office. A very basic point to consider is what colours are you using whilst decorating? For example, if your company is predominately green and yellow, do you keep this colour scheme in mind whilst your decorating?

Could another example be an eco-friendly company? This would be a perfect time to emphasise your companies commitment to green values, you could consider using materials that have been recycled like plastic to make chairs or desks made out of previously used wood. If working closely with other people is your focus, providing more group workspaces both open and in private would be very important.

A Visual Centrepiece

What is the first thing you want a client or member of the public to notice when they take their first steps into your office? Is there any particular detail that will stand out to your clientele that will leave a lasting image in their mind and make them remember you and your company going forward?

If you look at companies such as Google, they are famous for creating office space that uses bold decorative statements with the overall design to evoke certain emotions and feelings from not only clients but also, their employees! Another more simple way of doing it is using large and visually impressive pieces of furniture or lighting to serve as a backdrop. The likelihood then is that if this furniture stands out to you, it will most likely resonate and do the same to any other person or customer. Think of it as planting the seeds for future business.

A Big Impact

You can take this further by making sure that your office is not strictly an “old fashioned working environment”. Yes, it is important to bear in mind those deadlines, meetings, and efficiencies, are vital for any business, but doing so at the expense of your employees may have a negative impact on overall productivity.

Another point to consider is that your new office should offer a separate and interesting environment where you employees can relax, brainstorm, unwind and enjoy themselves whilst they are at work. Your employees will be happier, fresher and ultimately more efficient.

Keeping these points at the forefront of your mind during your initial design phase will help you create an office that not only looks professional but will also combine both function and form seamlessly, leaving a unique experience for anyone who visits.