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3 Reasons Why Being A Small Business Is Fantastic

July 7, 2017/0/0

Just talk to the people that own them, amazingly, there are more than 5.4 million SME’s in the UK! It’s always useful for up and coming entrepreneurs to know why it’s actually a massive advantage in some places to be within a small business and for all existing small businesses to remember why you decided to travel down this path in the first place.

Reach For the Stars

Now we all know the famous uplifting – s-club seven hit that’s been inspiring youngsters since the early 00’s but as cheesy as it is, it teaches us to have a dream and it’s no different with entrepreneurs starting their businesses in a similar kind of way.

Bussiness owners not only want to create profitable companies but also, they want to provide a service that can help, support and provide value to their clients. In return, they can achieve massive success.

Simple right? Well not exactly! Each of us defines success in different forms such as money, fame, innovation, supporting families, creating job opportunities or building an empire. The fact of the matter is that there’s no limit to the opportunities that can be achieved!



Do It In Your Own Style

A small business can go for gold in so many different ways other than the obvious which is money. They get to control their game and effectively define how they want to operate as a business. Take a look at these examples:

  • Giving a personal touch to customer services. Size matters, and with small businesses, you have the chance to maintain a close relationship with your client base as it’s likely to be smaller than the larger multinational corporations.
  • Be Green – Small businesses can choose how eco-friendly they want to be.
  • Supporting the Community – It’s easy for small businesses to get involved with what is going on in their local community and this can be really emphasised with donations, volunteering or participation in helping raise money for charitable events or for founders to mentor others.


Be More Flexible

Small businesses can respond to changes more rapidly in comparison to businesses that are of a larger size! Larger companies often struggle with this because of the layers of decision makers within different departments. For example, if a new technology comes along that can help a company run more efficiently, a small company can embrace this immediately without bureaucracy.

Despite the growth of large companies throughout the UK, small businesses continue to challenge these giants with different ideas and initiatives and ultimately go on to define their roles within the marketplace. So remember, don’t be disillusioned and continue to make waves as you never know what pleasant surprises await you and your business around the corner.