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Our Top 5 Tips for Start-up Marketing

July 25, 2017/0/0

Building a strong foundation is important for any start-up business, and to build a strong foundation you need to think of different ways to attract new clients and customers. Attracting these people is often one of the most challenging aspects of the early stages of any business, especially if you don’t have a background in marketing. The principles of marketing are very easy to learn and can be implemented straight away to give you fantastic results without spending too much money. Take a look at the points below:

Know Yourself

Spending a good amount of time working out what makes the products or services that you are selling special (Your Unique Selling Point) is time well spent because it ultimately helps differentiate you or your business from the competition. Working out in your own mind where you see yourself going,  also helps you clarify your mission and values which in turn will help to provide you with a framework for promoting your business in the best position way.

Know your Customers

What does that ideal person or business type look like? Who is supposed to be buying your particular products or service? It’s very important to identify your target customer.  Even if you work in a particular industry that appeals to everybody, pick a customer segment and direct your marketing efforts to that particular area.  Once chosen, it will be easier to plan how you are going to attract these people and what gives you the edge for the best results.


Set a Budget

Making a plan is essential for any business to be successful and should always include marketing and a budget. Developing a cash flow of anticipated expenditure can help you budget and ensure an eye is kept on all costs thereby preventing or managing any possible overspend.  Having a budget will help you stay on track and focus your attention on winning business.


On a side note please be aware of advertising scams – there are a lot of different fraudulent organisations that systematically target new businesses. If something sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly will be.  Although it sounds obvious, don’t commit to anything via telephone and don’t be shy to say “No”.

Nurture Your Contacts

We covered this in one of our earlier blogs but referrals and word-of-mouth are a fantastic way to get new clients and customers. Think about the people that you know and how they could potentially help endorse your business. Taking advantage of the network of people that you already have around you is a powerful way to build up a strong client list.  Ask for testimonials, referrals, and recommendations.

Be Visible

It’s simple, every small business whether you are small or large needs a website, but that doesn’t mean that you need to spend thousands on getting one!  The three most important elements to remember are your contact details, a compelling offer and a creative design that will impress browsers that land on your site!  This also applies to any other promotional media, such as advertising and social media!