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Our Top 5 Tips for Start-up Marketing

July 25, 2017/0/0/

Building a strong foundation is important for any start-up business, and to build a strong foundation you need to think of different ways to attract new clients and customers. Attracting these people is often one of the most challenging aspects of the early stages of any business, especially if you don’t have a background in […]


Creating Your Unique Office Space

July 14, 2017/0/0/

If you want to create a well-functioning business, it’s important to design an office that is right for you! To help you make the right choices, we are going to talk you through some workspace design tips that will really revamp the space where you work! Designing around a theme One of the most important […]


3 Reasons Why Being A Small Business Is Fantastic

July 7, 2017/0/0/

Just talk to the people that own them, amazingly, there are more than 5.4 million SME’s in the UK! It’s always useful for up and coming entrepreneurs to know why it’s actually a massive advantage in some places to be within a small business and for all existing small businesses to remember why you decided […]


7 Reasons Why Business Networking Works!

July 3, 2017/0/0/

Business networking is one of the most effective ways to branch out, meet new people, learn from the success of others and most importantly, gain new clients. Networking is, of course, a very valuable way to gain new clients and to build a sustainable business. Here are our top 7 benefits for business owners attending […]


Advice for Selecting Office Space in Bedford

June 8, 2017/0/0/

Being at the helm of a start-up company is an exciting and exhilarating time. Energy levels run high, ideas flow faster than they can be implemented and for the very fortunate, start-up funding is ample enough to make certain the bank account is flush until revenue starts rolling through the doors. To ensure that the […]


5 Tips on Reducing Work- Related Stress

June 6, 2017/0/0/

Papers piling on your desk, looming deadlines that dangle over your head or just a constant heavy workload are all causes of pressure in the workplace. What is important to understand is that a degree of pressure every so often is in fact good because it makes us strive to do our best! However, when […]


Select the Ideal Space for your Next Conference

May 30, 2017/0/0/

For a large number of companies, planning a conference meeting is a challenge. Where is the best place to start? In this article, we will cover the basics of what you will need to consider when looking to find the perfect venue for your next business conference. Let’s look at the different aspects of conferencing […]


How To Be More Creative In Your Next Team Meeting

May 19, 2017/0/0/

We know that a large number of work-related meetings are unavoidable – whether it be discussing certain issues or sticking points, creating new ideas, updating your team fully or setting up achievable objectives. And However we might try to get around them by calling them ‘catch-ups’, ‘gatherings’ or ‘get-togethers’, they all amount to the same […]


Hot-Desking, Is it right for you?

May 15, 2017/0/0/

Hotdesking – It’s new, it’s different, it’s innovative, but, most importantly, it’s cost effective! One of the main points to consider is that it’s simply a money saver that can help you cut costs in the early stages of a business. Not only do Hot-Desks save you money, they also help employers meet the demands […]


Our 4 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

May 10, 2017/0/1/

How important is it to make the most of your time at work? As there are only so many hours in a day, many of us are culprits of unintentionally wasting valuable time and putting things off until the last minute! With that being said, there are two ways to increase your output – either […]