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Can you really run your business from your smartphone?

November 23, 2017/0/0

Whether you have an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or a Sony Xperia, can the smartphone now be considered an essential tool for every entrepreneur? The days of lugging a heavy briefcase with you on the way to work are essentially over for most people. Incredibly, it is now possible to carry all of that information in a small enough device that fits into your pocket. And what does this mean..? Well, sending emails, doing internet research and noting down your ideas of the day are all possible with the swipe of a finger. And better still, this is made a lot easier with the introduction of digital personal assistants like Apples Siri and Windows Cortana. Image result for smartphone business

As smartphones are now getting more advanced and their capabilities continue to soar, there are many business leaders that admit that they do a large majority of their day to day work on their handheld smartphones. Forbes recently carried out a survey that showed that nine out of 10 business executives use their mobile phones for the daily tasks of their business even while they were in the office. Ten percent said that they also use their smartphones for decision making.

A combination of online services and generous business data plans now enable everyday business people to manage all of the aspects from not only the saved data within the smartphone but also the cloud! For those of you who are unsure of what the cloud is, in it’s simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data using the internet rather than your devices hard drive -simply put, the cloud is like a metaphor for the internet.

So what does it all mean?

Image result for iphone xSo what does this ever growing trend mean for businesses in Bedford in the future? Do companies that want to stay relevant in this day and age need to ditch the conventional office and desktop computers, and simply give their staff their own smartphones and allow them to work from anywhere in the country?

Well, I think most people will agree that it’s not the best idea to kiss goodbye to your office space quite so soon. However, having the use of a smartphone is just another useful tool that we can use to make our everyday business lives that much easier.

Creating more freedom

Running your smartphone for your business can mean you can essentially work from anywhere, as long as there is a strong Wi-Fi connection or your data plan allows you to freely access 4G connectivity then the world is your oyster! More’s the point, this creates a new type of freedom for every user allowing them to not be confined to their office, but instead providing an opportunity for them to be anywhere.

The opportunity to work wherever you choose is endless – whether you’re comfortable with spending 2 or 3 days in the office or you want to get out and work from a coffee shop – either scenario simply means you can now work wherever you feel most inspired.