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5 reasons why it is the right time to relocate your business

December 18, 2017/0/1

There are not many of us that constantly embrace the idea of change, we as human beings are creatures of habit and the thought of making a dramatic change to our daily routine is enough to keep us awake at night. As a business owner, you have to constantly evaluate yourself and your company and find the best ways to reach your goals.

In some cases, challenging decisions will have to be made in order to constantly progress and to not plateau in the small business world. Although relocating to a new office space may sound rather daunting, it is a fantastic way to breathe some fresh life into a business and also get the business back on the right path. It is totally understandable that relocating is a stressful time in any business journey, but it is well worth the effort invested. Below are some of the reasons why it might be the right time to change your office space.

Your Facility needs a facelift

One of the most common reasons why many business owners choose to relocate is the fact that their current offices need renovating or simply upgrading. If the space that you and your company are currently occupying is in need of a lot of repairs or is too small to accommodate the growth you are experiencing then you will need to start considering a new place where you can “set up shop”. The last thing you want is letting the place where you work every day hold you back from growing into a successful business. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to relocate, the harder you will find it to avoid negative consequences.

You’re finding it difficult to hire and keep your employees

A small business is only as good as the people that work for it. If you are struggling to keep your employees because of the location of your premises then a move may be the most appropriate form of action. Moving to an area that has a large selection of qualified applicants can, of course, benefit your business in a significant way. Before committing to a new place to house your business, you need to make sure you do your background research. Once you have decided on your location, you need to work on building relationships with local recruitment agencies, and by doing this you will be able to build a strong team for your business.

It’s costing you too much to currently run your business

Maybe you need a way to trim the fat on your monthly operating costs? It is extremely important to look at the costs for your current commercial office space compared to other offices in and around the Bedford area.  In a number of cases, the price that you pay for monthly office rental will directly affect your company’s ability to grow and prosper.

Downsizing is a very good way to tighten up the purse strings and put more money into other areas of the business. If this is something that is more relevant to you, then consider knowing the details and being sure that it is going to cost considerably less than you existing accommodation each month. The last thing you want is to move to a new location and be in the exact same financial situation due to a lack of research on your behalf.

Your existing location isn’t close enough to your customers

Are you traveling too far for meetings with your clients and customers? Are you struggling to meet their demands because of where you are currently located? Relocating to be closer to your customers is a good way to allow you to maintain strong relationships with those that use your products or services. Initially it may be rather intimidating to move to a whole new area, but in the long run, it will be well worth it considering how much it will help you and your business grow.

Have you read through your lease agreement?

It is extremely important to protect yourself against any legal issues that may occur by familiarising yourself with the lease. For example, what if there comes a time when you want to sell the company during your lease agreement? Do you know what to expect during your tenancy period and are you comfortable with it? Is there a rent increase clause that you are aware of? For how long are you legally able to continue to rent the space that you currently run your business in? These are some of the more important things to highlight when you are setting up your headquarters. Ultimately, it’s your decision on what matters most to you when it comes to your own business. If you’re largely based online, an office space will be your last concern. If you’re not based online, then you will need to sit down and start doing some research.

What do you think?

Do you think a move to the Bedford area could be right for you? Bedford offers a wide range of different facilities and has a whole wealth of wonderful places to explore. Not only is there beautiful scenery such as a walk down Bedford’s famous embankment, but also a large variety of restaurants and a recently built new cinema in Riverside North. Bedford also offers brilliant transfer routes to London with HS1 travel time of 38 minutes from Bedford Train station

Bedford Heights is Bedford’s premier business location being a 12 minute walk from station.  It offers office suites ranging from 150 sqft to 20,000 sqft and has the added advantages of comfort cooling, on-site restaurant/café and a 230 delegate conferencing facility.

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