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Advice for Selecting Office Space in Bedford

June 8, 2017/0/0

Being at the helm of a start-up company is an exciting and exhilarating time. Energy levels run high, ideas flow faster than they can be implemented and for the very fortunate, start-up funding is ample enough to make certain the bank account is flush until revenue starts rolling through the doors. To ensure that the incoming revenue begins to truly move the bottom line into the black requires careful conservatorship over expenses and revenue. One of the areas to pay close attention to is the selection office space. Bedford start-ups will find it’s all too easy to go overboard with investor money while trying to make a strong, positive impression during the start-up phase.

There is a way to make certain a good first impression is made with clients without incurring unnecessary expenses to establish a base of operations. Leasing space in a building that offers Bedford conference facilities, meeting rooms and other amenities delivers a perfect cost-effective solution. Here are just a few of the many reasons why looking for a suitable park that offers meeting rooms Bedford companies can use as their own can make a difference for start-ups and well-established firms alike:


  • The office space options – Buildings that offer Bedford conference facilities, meeting rooms and office space for lease tend to cater to companies large and small. For start-ups, this type of arrangement can be especially ideal because it enables corporate leaders to lease only the amount of space required in the immediate future without having to sacrifice the amenities that larger, more established firms often take for granted. Facilities that provide access to meeting rooms Bedford companies may use enable their clients to lease these facilities on an as-needed basis. That means paying for more space than is strictly necessary on a regular basis does not go along with this prospect. What’s more, the better Bedford business parks are able to accommodate their clients as growth demands larger spaces. That means when a start-up outgrows initial office space, a move into a larger suite within the same building is often more than possible.


  • The professional appearance provided – Making a strong first impression with clients is often critical for start-ups that want to move beyond this phase. Investing in impressive office space, Bedford companies will find, can be expensive. Facilities that offer shared spaces and services, however, simply provide a more cost-effective way to impress whilst gaining access to amenities that are crucial for fostering business growth, such as conference facilities, security and meeting rooms. The benefit to the bottom line here is found in the ability to control facility expenses by only leasing what is required when it is needed.


  • The access to amenities that matter – Office parks that provide tenants with access to Bedford conference facilities, shared services and meeting rooms also often offer many other amenities. Access to catering services and on-site dining, for example, may also be included. These perks can impress not only clients, but also may serve to help attract and retain employees. After all, top talent tends to prefer to work in spaces that are comfortable and convenient. Well-established office parks that offer even the smallest of firms access to big company perks can help ensure a satisfied talent pool. In addition, having access to Bedford conference facilities on an as-needed basis can help even the smallest firm make a big impression with clients.


  • The cost savings – Paying for freestanding office space can be a very big ongoing expense. This is especially so if security and other support services are required for a company to operate. Those who choose to lease in office space Bedford parks will enjoy cost savings without having to sacrifice on the support services required. The best facilities ensure their clients businesses are protected with around-the-clock security whether they lease a single, small office or a large suite that is suitable for serving as a corporate headquarters.


  • The flexibility provided – Some of the best Bedford office parks offer a large line-up of options for tenants. From shared office spaces and virtual addressed to full suite leases, they can accommodate companies of almost any size. This type of lease arrangement can be especially important for very small start-ups that need a corporate address, but don’t necessarily need access to lots of office space during a firm’s infancy.


Transforming a start-up into an established firm with a healthy bottom line demands careful attention to every expense even when a bank account is chockfull of investor money. Office space, Bedford business leaders will find, doesn’t have to be a big drain on the budget. When the right office park is selected, conservative lease agreements can net big rewards. From gaining access to an impressive corporate address to having the ability to lease Bedford conference facilities only when needed, this distinct option can help companies grow and thrive whilst ensuring a professional image from day one.