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5 Tips on Reducing Work- Related Stress

June 6, 2017/0/0

Papers piling on your desk, looming deadlines that dangle over your head or just a constant heavy workload are all causes of pressure in the workplace. What is important to understand is that a degree of pressure every so often is in fact good because it makes us strive to do our best! However, when the pressure starts to become more and more constant it can lead to stress and be the start of a health problem that will influence both your personal and work-related lives. He are some ideas that can help you manage work-related stress before it takes hold:



It’s never a good idea to bottle things up and brood about work. Like my mum always says “A problem shared is a problem halved”. Try to take time out of your schedule and talk to someone with an empathetic ear that will not only help you but also give you more of a positive perspective on the problems at hand.

It could be a friend, a colleague or even a family member that can really help get those problems off your chest. Talking is good for you. If you can speak to a manager about what problems you are facing then they should be able to support you and ultimately help you find a solution.


Don’t Turn to Unhealthy Habits

I mean those things that spring to mind first, the ones that seem like a good idea at the time but can/will inevitably make us feel worse in the long run! It’s no surprise that alcohol is at the top of the list. Try not to turn to the use or alcohol, cigarettes or even unhealthy foods as a ‘go to’ when feeling under pressure. Look at other alternatives like going for a short walk.  Although it may seem tedious and boring, it will help clear your head and point you in the right direction.


Keep Active

This has to be one of the most important points. As mentioned above, going for short walks helps, but doing full on sessions at the gym or strenuous exercise can actually make us feel more at ease while releasing those feel-good endorphins into the blood stream.  Looking at activities such as cycling or more competitive sports like tennis or squash can make you feel that much better. Also, these activities are perfect to do with a friend or partner!


Consider your Diet

One of the main problems of working long hours with heavy workloads is that they can often create bad habits of not eating properly. Skipping meals can make you feel tired and sluggish. Eating well-balanced meals will help you feel healthy and maintain your focus towards your work.


Look Out for these 5 Signs

Here is a quick checklist that you can look at to see what you recognise:

  • Has your performance level taken a dive?
  • Are you phoning in sick and/or consistently late for work?
  • Low Mood – irritable and emotional?
  • Withdrawing from the team and others around you?
  • Poor drinking and eating habits?

If you feel like you have gone through anything mentioned above, comment below and share some of the steps that you took to reduce your stress at work!