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Hot-Desking, Is it right for you?

May 15, 2017/0/0

Hotdesking – It’s new, it’s different, it’s innovative, but, most importantly, it’s cost effective! One of the main points to consider is that it’s simply a money saver that can help you cut costs in the early stages of a business. Not only do Hot-Desks save you money, they also help employers meet the demands for more flexible and mobile work from employees. With that being said – what are the top reasons why you should get yourself out of the house and into a proper working environment.


Meeting different Professionals 

Although it can be only a brief encounter, Hot-Desking gives individuals the chance to meet people in all sorts of different industries that they might not otherwise. This is also a good thing because this can create a more social office working environment and a personal connection that will improve productivity across departments.


A more flexible workday

With so many small business owners working from home, on the move or quite simply from different locations, hot-desking sometimes just makes sense. Often it stops people renting office space where the empty desks just sit there gathering dust, imitating the look of a museum rather than an active up and coming SME!

Saving the pennies

Not only can you save space, but also and most importantly you can save yourself a lot of money! Efficiency is the name of the game when using a hot-desk for the first time. What a lot of small business owners do in the early stages when having a hot desk is investing the money you save on office rent – back into their business…




Increases collaboration and creativity

When working at a hot-desk people find that this particular working environment encourages a quicker and more collective attitude towards work. Not only does it encourage communication in the workplace, but it also provides a more creative and inclusive working environment in the office.


Get rid of the office ‘junk’

With no permanent desk space to constantly maintain, it forces the individuals working there to become as minimalistic as possible, and as a result, office clutter is kept to the minimum! The more ‘stuff’ that people have on their desks at the end of the day, the longer the process will take to clear it for the next person to use.


You choose your perfect environment

Everybody is different, some prefer to work in a quieter environment with no distractions whilst others prefer a louder and busier atmosphere. You’ll often see that some people are more productive when inspired by new surroundings and people!


So, which do you prefer, A normal office space or Hot-desking? Let us know on Twitter @Bedford_UK or leave us a comment on Facebook!  Have a read of some of other blog posts: