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Five simple tips to help you work effectively from home

April 2, 2020/0/0

Over recent weeks, many of us may have found ourselves in the position of having to work from home for the very first time due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although working from home doesn’t sound like a hard task, it can be difficult finding the motivation to get going and be productive with your day, not to mention keeping your mental health in check when it comes to being isolated for the foreseeable future.

With all of this in mind, we’ve thought of some effective ways to hold you in good stead over the coming weeks and months and help you work from home successfully.

  1. Routine is Key

You may have initially had a little jump for joy at the thought of multiple lie-ins and lounging in your pyjamas all day, but don’t make the mistake of becoming complacent. Start your day with the same routine as you would for a ‘normal’ working day.

Enjoy your morning coffee and have your fix of local news from The Bedford Independent, then get dressed and prioritise your tasks for the day. You’ll feel a sense of achievement as you start to tick things off your to-do list and can confidently shut down your laptop at the end of the day.

  1. Create your workspace and stay organised

Set up a little area in your home with everything you need for your day. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you want to feel comfortable and calm.

Do you have a quiet corner of the house where you can set up a small work station? Whether that’s in your spare room, at the end of your dining room table or even setting up camp in the under stairs cupboard, it can make all the difference having a dedicated area to work from.

You may start to feel the strain of sitting at a makeshift office space all day so take a look at this One Minute Posture Workout you can do at your desk by Darren Kerr from Bedford based Pain and Posture Clinic, PostureFit.

  1. Take a break

It’s essential to take a few breaks throughout your day, whether that’s doing a few stretches, having a scroll on Instagram or enjoying a hot cup of tea in the garden. These small moments away from your desk can make your day more manageable and productive.

  1. Stay in touch

We may not be able to see our loved ones and work colleagues right now but we’re lucky enough to have amazing technology. Keep in touch with a simple message, phone call or FaceTime, you’ll be surprised at how much of a boost it will give you when hearing a friendly voice or receiving an uplifting message during these difficult times.

  1. Exercise

Try to get yourself moving daily. Not only does exercise keep you feeling fit, it can work wonders for your mental health.

Why not go for a walk round the block or join an online yoga class. There’s been a whole host of health and fitness practitioners creating bespoke online classes to download or join on to live to help keep you active and mindful during isolation.

Check out Verve Wellness Studio on Instagram and Facebook for details on live classes from practitioners and teachers based in and around Bedford.