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Bedford Heights bees prepare for spring pollination

January 6, 2021/0/1

It’s been a little while since we have updated you on how the Bedford Heights bees have been doing since their arrival here last July.

We recently spoke with experienced beekeeper Steve Binnington from Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association who has been keeping a close watch on the bees along with Bedford Heights garden designer, Graham A. Pavey Garden Design.

Steve last came and medicated the bees in September to protect them against a disease called the varroa mite which is very detrimental to the honey bee. After the medication was removed, each hive was given two gallons of sugar syrup.

Steve told us a little more about the process and how it helps to prepare the bees ready for spring pollination:

”The syrup given is used to sustain the bees throughout the winter months until the first pollens of the year start showing in early to mid-spring with the likes of willow and crocus allowing the bees to start foraging. Once the pollen starts arriving and being collected by the bees, the hives will very quickly start growing in size. 

”Currently each hive only has approximately 5000-10,000 bees but by May/June time this year we will have around 60,000 or 70,000 bees in each hive.”

As the weather starts to warm up to above 10-12c, you’ll no doubt start to see the bees flying around Bedford Heights. We expect to get around 300 to 600 pounds of honey this year, so watch this space…

Take a look at the picture above. Can you spot the queen bee?