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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Social Media

May 21, 2018/0/0

The rise of Social Media plays a large part in today’s marketing world. Not only does a social medium give businesses a media outlet to connect with their current and potential customers, it also means they can now interact with one another in real time. Gone the days of having to advertise your business in the newspaper or on the radio, Social Media now makes it that much easier to improve your brand awareness, and this helps to build your identity and give your business flare and personality that your potential customers can relate to.

Your audience is growing

Facebook has officially hit 2 billion monthly users that spend well over 700 billion minutes per month on the platform. Twitter now has over 330 million monthly users with over 500 million tweets per day! Users are growing at such a fast rate and it’s certainly becoming the norm for everyday people to update their statuses at any given moment. It’s so important to be on Social Media so you can effectively target your audience because they will be on there in one way or another.


Know what your customers are saying



Like we are sure you have been reading on the news recently, Social Media channels (not naming any names) generate astronomical amounts of data about your customers all in real time. Behind all of the decimals and numbers, there is a wealth of information about your perfect customers. You can find out:


  • Who they are
  • Where they are
  • What their interests are
  • How they feel about your brand and other brands
  • What they like
  • How old they are


If this information is used properly, you can target potential customers and communicate to them with what you are selling.



Build strong relationships with your customers


This is a fantastic way to engage with your customers, listen to their opinions and ultimately demonstrate your customer’s service skills. Being able to respond to customer feedback and comments really helps to strengthen your brand and build up your rapport with your customers and this is a fantastic way to show them that you care about them.



Paid advertising on Social Media


If done correctly, social media is a perfect platform to use in regard to paid advertising. Utilising this to engage and make connections with new potential customers is a great way to again increase brand exposure. This is a cheaper alternative than other mainstream media outlets and is a fantastic way to really make your business more visible online.


Shareable content means more brand awareness


Creating content that enables people to interact and share their own opinions can certainly increase your brand awareness. Sharing good quality content that is valuable to your customers will not only build confidence in your brand but also benefit your social exposure with likes, comments, and shares on each post. Ensuring that you always create content that is unique and useful will encourage more users to read your posts, like your page and ultimately visit your website.