Are you bored of working from your home office? Or want to experience something different to all of those coffee shops and the distractions that they bring? We know that not everybody is at the same stage in their business journey. At Bedford Heights, we understand the importance of helping local companies develop relationships at the same time providing flexible office space at affordable rates. If you are looking for a unique, friendly and open shared office space where you can successfully run your business then contact us today!


Hot-desking is where there are no personal desks to save space and reduce cost. So look at it this way, rather than you and the rest of your team having a personal desk that you all use on a daily basis, instead, some are removed to make space for other things. The desks that remain become available on a first-come-first-served basis.


Well, there is a strong argument for it, however, it is down to personal preference. Some businesses report cost savings of up to 30% when they use the space saving technique in their office spaces. Hot-desking can also create an environment that encourages more creativity by boosting the opportunity for workers to talk to other workers not associated with them which can lead to an increase in moral and also productivity!


Hot-desking is as much a cultural change as it is a physical one. Most noticeably, workers are able to change what their environment looks like on a daily basis. And what is the benefit of this..? It means that as a collection of people working side by side you can get a great deal more flexible when it comes to their social and domestic lives. Whether you are attending a business-related seminar, or simply need to be back in time for the school run, workers have a far greater choice when working the hours they want to do. With a hot desk at Bedford Heights, you are no longer tethered to your desk.


By freeing people from a specific workspace or desk, employees will find it much easier to meet new people and collaborate on different ideas within a business. Sociability is part of the foundation of working at a hot-desk and this provides a means for individuals and team to work closely together regardless of what industry they work in. Not only is hot-desking flexible, it enables collaboration to occur a lot more frequently and makes it a more natural process.


Do you feel like you could benefit from a Bedford Heights Hot-Desk? Get in touch with us today and join the Bedford Heights Family.

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